Why We are Running...


Our town is a beautiful and cosmopolitan and We  believe this is one of the reasons why we all chose this town to live and raise our family.

For years, West Orange has been subjected to a dysfunctional political culture where a handful of professionalwpoliticians set the course of our town in their interest and ignore ours.  The symptoms of this culture are seen all around our town: Tax increases year after year, the decline of Main Street, excessive waste in the Municipal Budget, growing debt and far too many overpaid employees with luxury retirement plans who reside outside of West Orange.
The residents of this town choose to live and raise our families here because of all the beautiful features this place has to offer, but there is no denying that our local government can use some drastic change.  We need new leadership that can help realize more of our potential from Town Hall, and that is why we are running for Mayor and Town Council.
The Together West Orange Team-One Team!Your Team
Rodolfo Rodriguez-For Mayor
Jean Claude Cenatuse  - For Town Council
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Rodolfo Rodriguez for Mayor
Rodolfo Rodriguez is running for Mayor of West Orange